School Groups

As a working alpaca farm, groups and school students are offered an insight into farming alpacas in Australia. 

During school terms, we offer educational programs and school excursions.  Programs can be adjusted to suit the needs of the school, student and your desired learning outcomes. We can cover the following topics on your visit:

  • Textile – Fibre use and processing needs, skirting of fleeces, dyeing of yarn and fibre, how to felt and card fibre.
  • Agriculture – Farm tour, land use, water and feeding needs, alpaca health, husbandry and halter training, basic first aid needs.
  • Additional guest speakers can be invited to attend the day to provide technical educational information and mentoring for the students. Inviting guest speakers will depend on the program and will be a additional cost

Catering can be provided. Meal costs are: 

  • Morning/Afternoon Tea – $8 per student or teacher (cake or slice and water)
  • Lunch – $15 per student or teacher (one sandwich or wrap per person)

Price (for a 3 hour visit):

  • Student – $25pp (2 hour visit)
  • Student – $30pp (3 hour visit)
  • Student – $40pp (4 hour visit)
  • Student – $50pp (5 hour visit)
  • Teachers may accompany students free of charge with a 1:10 ratio.
  • Additional teachers, assistants, staff – $10pp
Payment is required before the tour/date of visit to the farm. 

Group size: We can host 1-2 classes of students depending on class size.

Visiting times: You can visit us any time during the year.

Farm activities: Learn about basic alpaca husbandry techniques, including how to halter train alpacas. Students will also pat and feed alpacas, and learn about the dyeing and felting techniques for alpaca fibre. Students will also learn about basic property maintenance including weed, waste and water management.

Amenities: Bus access, disability accessible toilets, wheelchair access and meets safety requirements.