Interactive Tour

Our Interactive Tour is a captivating, fully guided and private, 45-minute adventure that allows you to forge a special connection with our alpacas and llamas. After meeting your alpaca or llama, embark on a brief stroll to a picturesque farm location, where you’ll have the opportunity to shower your alpaca or llama with affectionate pats and cuddles while soaking in the breathtaking scenery. This enchanting experience ensures plenty of moments for you to capture heartwarming photos, creating lasting memories of your encounter with the alpaca or llama of your dreams!

Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.) 

Experience Includes:

  • One alpaca or llama for each paying person.
  • A short stroll, alongside your alpaca/llama, to a beautiful location on the farm.
  • A chance to pat, cuddle and take photos with your alpaca.
  • A visit to The Blackwattle Farm Shop which is full of yarns, wools, fibre, roving, packs, gifts, toys and goodies galore!


Additional Experiences and Upgrades (added as “Optional Extras” during the booking process): 

  • Alpacas and llamas know the goal of life is to enjoy it, so they LOVE getting some tasty treats! Add ‘Alpaca Muesli for Hand Feeding” (small bowl) for only $10 dollars (per person).
  • Upgrade your tour with a picnic box! Bring your own picnic blanket, or borrow one of ours. The picnic box includes a selection of cheese, meat, crackers, dip, seasonal or dried fruit and a sweet treat. 


Tour Prices: 

  • Prices for the the Interactive Tour start at $150 (for up to 4 people). 
  • Children 2 years old and under are free of charge (with a paying adult).
  • All children must be accompanied by paying adult.  
  • Children 7 years old and under, and those who are not confident, will be required to walk an alpaca or llama using a second lead. 


Age restrictions: This tour is suitable for ages 7+ years. Participants must be able to understand instructions and hold on to/guide an alpaca safely and independently.  We recommend the Alpaca Hand Feeding tour for groups with children aged 7 and below.