Alpaca Tours

Herd up your friends and family and visit us at Blackwattle Alpaca Farm!

Entry to our farm is free but if you want to meet and interact with our happy herd you will need to book a tour. Be sure to make the most of your trip to the farm by booking one of our heart-warming alpaca tours! Alpaca Tours are a wonderful chance to interact with the animals, feed our herd a tasty treat or take an alpaca/llama on a short trek around the farm. The adorable little faces of our herd will have you smiling and laughing the whole time! We offer a wide range of tours and some really great activities for the kids! Some of our tours are booked as ‘private’ tours, meaning your family/friend group are the only ones on the tour…making your time with us just that little bit more special! Select from the options below:

Hand feeding tour

Are you dreaming of standing in a paddock and being surrounded by a herd of adorable alpacas and llamas? Then this is the perfect tour for you!
Suitable to all ages.
This tour is open to all members of the public.

Farm Tour

Join us on our Farm Tour and explore the farm with one of experienced tours guides. Meet our alpacas, llamas and goats before before enjoying a yummy coffee or tea with a cake/slice of the day! Our Farm Tour goes for 1.5 hours and includes morning tea.
Suitable for all ages.
This tour is open to all members of the public.

Interactive Tour

Our halter trained alpacas and llamas will demonstrate their curiosity and intelligence as you take them on a short stroll and get those adorable selfies that will make your friends jealous!
Suitable for ages 7+ years. This is a Private Tour.

Alpaca Adventure

Meet one of our very handsome llamas or alpacas, take one for a walk around out dam, before hand feeding our lovely herd with a bucket filled with alpaca "snacks". Afterwards sit down, relax and enjoy a yummy coffee or tea with a cake/slice of the day.
This tour is open to all members of the public. Tour goes for 1.5 hours.

brunch with the bunch

Rise and shin, it's brunch time! Come and join our beautiful bunch of alpacas and llamas for a delectable brunch on the farm. Includes a hand feeding session with the animals and the chance to get some amazing family photos!
Suitable for all ages.
This tour is open to all members of the public.

lunch with the llamas

After meeting and hand feeding our happy herd, you will then sit down and enjoy a sizzling selection of BBQ food while watching our hungry alpaca herd munch away on their feed.
Great tour for the whole family Suitable for all ages.This tour is open to all members of the public.

Alpaca Picnic

Summer and Spring Special!
This adventure begins with you joining a 45-minute group interactive tour, where you will discover the joy of walking your fluffy new friend before sitting down to enjoy a private picnic!
This is a public tour with a private picnic.

boho picnic

Looking for a private tour with picnic? Enjoy the finer things in life? This tour is for you! Spend quality time with our alpacas and llamas before enjoying a private boho style picnic!
This is a fully private and exclusive tour!

Pacca Play group

Do you have a toddler that is crazy about animals? Then Pacca Play Group is for you! This session is specially designed for parents and their children aged 5 and under.
This tour is open to all members of the public.


Party with the alpacas! Celebrate your special event with a fun, informative and unforgettable alpaca themed party! A truely unique and magical way to celebrate your birthday! Tour the farm and meet the rockstars of our happy herd.

Pacca &

School holiday fun! Meet our adorable alpacas then unleash your creativity by painting your favourite alpaca! Sit back and admire your artistic skills while you enjoy a yummy snack.
PACCA & PAINT combines creativity with adorable alpacas! It’s a great activity for the family.